Customers of SiteMinder, welcome to HotelSwaps.

The Travel Club for Hotel Owners and Professionals

Membership options
Basic (no annual fee) vs Premium (50% off the first year's fee)

The HotelSwaps partnership with SiteMinder offers you a privileged and seamless access to the HotelSwaps network of affiliated hotels and residences.

HotelSwaps is a community of hotel owners and operators who trade their unused rooms among one another using HotelCoins as a mean of payment.

Why should you join?

Travel savings

Book rooms at HotelSwaps member hotels using HotelCoins earned from accommodating other hoteliers in your available rooms.

Hotelier community

Greet and meet hotel owners and professionals passionate about the industry from every corner of the world. 

Increased revenues

Earn revenues from HotelSwaps guests in food & beverage and ancillary services at your hotel.

SiteMinder connectivity

Manage your availability and reservations through SiteMinder. Book instantly from all nights advertised by other hotel members or request your specific dates. 

Employee rewards

Offer HotelCoins as a cost-effective incentive to recognise your key hotel executives. 

Choice of destinations

Pick from a growing number of carefully selected hotels and residences around the world, no matter which member stays at your hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does HotelSwaps work? 

What are HotelCoins?

1. Earn HotelCoins. Advertise your availability on the HotelSwaps channel on SiteMinder and earn HotelCoins as payment for reservations made by other HotelSwaps members. 

2. Transfer HotelCoins. Transfer your hotel's HotelCoins to anybody of your choice - employees, suppliers, friends, family or even yourself.

3. Book rooms with HotelCoins. Use HotelCoins to pay for stays at any other hotel member – either from instant availability or request of specific dates.

How many HotelCoins do I earn for a booking?

In order to offer a fair exchange between members, hotel members of HotelSwaps are classified in 7 categories determining the number of HotelCoins per room night booked. HotelSwaps determine a hotel’s category by evaluating its publicly advertised room rates for a double standard room across all seasons of the year.

Grouping hotels in value categories allows for like-for-like exchanges between hotel members. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details about the HotelCoins currency.

What privilege do I get thanks to SiteMinder?

The Premium membership, ideal for hotel owners and operators looking to maximize travel savings, ancillary revenues and utilisation of empty rooms, is offered to you at 50% discount for the first year of membership. The offer is valid for hotels using SiteMinder at the time of affiliation.

The Basic membership does not charge ant annual membership fee and is ideal for hotel owners and operators looking to use HotelSwaps from time to time without any upfront commitment.

See membership options for pricing and details.

How do I connect to HotelSwaps on my Channel Manager?

First, apply for one of our membership options. We will review your application and return to you within 2 working days. Second, check the Connect to HotelSwaps guide.

Where can I travel to with HotelCoins?

What else do I need to know?

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions to know more about the HotelCoins currency, inventory and availability, reservations, cancellation policy and what to expect when you travel with HotelSwaps.

Would you like to talk it over before signing up?

Send us a message and we’ll reach out to set up a call.

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