Members of The Hideaways Club, welcome to the guest membership of HotelSwaps

Register now and you'll be able to use your Classic Points or City Nights to book accommodation in luxury hotels and residences worldwide.


The Hideaways Club's reciprocal agreement with HotelSwaps offers you a privileged access to HotelSwaps' over 500 affiliated hotels and private residences.

HotelSwaps is a travel club for owners of independent luxury hotels who travel the world by trading their available rooms using HotelCoins as trading currency. The exclusive partnership allows The Hideaways Club members to join as HotelSwaps Guest members like any other hotelier. 

Why should you join?

Travel savings

Book hotel accommodation by converting your Classic Points and City Nights to HotelCoins. 

Instant availability

Book instantly from all nights advertised by hotel members or request your specific dates.

Destination choices

Select from a growing number of carefully selected hotels and residences around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I book?

  • Register as a HotelSwaps Guest member. Make sure to write “THC” in “How did you hear about us?”.
  • Find the hotel and time you would like to book and check the number of HotelCoins required.
  • Contact your personal Concierge at The Hideaways Club to convert your City Nights or Classic Points to HotelCoins and these will be transferred to your personal Guest account on HotelSwaps.
  • Complete your reservation on the HotelSwaps website.
  • If your dates are not immediately available at your preferred hotel, send them a reservation request. Hotels usually respond within 2-3 working days.  

What’s the exchange rate between HotelCoins and Classic Points / City Nights?

1 Classic Point = 375 HotelCoins. 

1 City Night = 1,000 HotelCoins.

Do HotelCoins expire?

Yes. HotelCoins expire after 2 years from the day of transfer. 

Can I convert HotelCoins back to Classic Points / City Nights?

Yes. In case you do not manage to use the HotelCoins you have converted, you can contact HotelSwaps up to 30 days following the original conversion and request the HotelCoins to be converted back into Classic Points / City Nights. Alternatively you can leave the HotelCoins on your HotelSwaps account and use these for a future reservation. 

Can I buy HotelCoins to top up my HotelSwaps account?

Yes. If you are missing HotelCoins, you have the option to purchase HotelCoins from HotelSwaps at a rate corresponding to approximately 50% of the public price of the hotel reservation. So even without converting any of your Classic Points or City Nights, you will be able to book hotel reservations at a perferred hotelier rate of about 50% discount.

How much is the reservation fee?

A reservation fee is charged for all confirmed reservations and any subsequent amendments. The reservation fee is GBP 0.08 / EUR 0.09 / USD 0.10 per HotelCoin used for your reservation, representing on average approximately 10% of the public value of your stay.

What availability should I expect?

You can review the availability of the HotelSwaps affiliated hotels by logging in to your personal HotelSwaps account. If your dates are not immediately available at your preferred hotel, send a reservation request. Hotels usually respond within 2-3 working days. 

Hotel owners decide at their full discretion when and when not to open their availability to HotelSwaps members. You will therefore find that availability during high season, when many properties expect to be fully booked, will be more limited than other seasons.

What else do I need to know?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to know more about our cancellation policy, reservations for family members, and what to expect before and during your stay. The full HotelSwaps Guest Terms & Conditions are also available for all the “small print”. 

Want to talk it over before registering?

Send us a message and we’ll reach out to set up a call.

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